Total Derma Reward Points

SHOP: offers even more value to our customers with our Rewards Points Program!

As a registered customer, every product you buy earns reward points to spend on future Mad Hippie purchases from Total Derma. Earn 1 point for every dollar spent!

Points are automatically added to your reward points balance, which can easily be viewed when you log in.  Upon logging in, simply click the "My Account" link in the footer of the site, and then click the "My Reward Points" link on your account page.



Customers can use their points to create vouchers at any time from their account page:

My Account > My Loyalty Points > Transform points into voucher worth $X.XX

This creates a code that they can use to apply the discount at checkout

There is no minimum amount of points required to redeem


Shop $300 worth of products = 300 reward points

Redeem 300 points for a $5.10 discount voucher (1 point = $0.017 worth of discount)

Add the voucher to the cart at checkout to apply the discount on the order