What age should I be to use Mad Hippie?

Mad Hippie products all have rejuvenating properties, meaning they work well for aging skin.  With that being said, products like our vitamin C serum, in particular, which can help brighten the skin's appearance and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, is also great for younger skin as it can aid in a smooth looking complexion, while also adding antioxidant protection.

As one ages, their skin stops producing as much oil (sebum) and this leads to dryer, more wrinkle-prone skin.  Because of this, many of our moisturizers, such as our eye cream and face cream, are designed for more mature, dryer skin, and its specific needs.


Are there any concerns with the sun and the citrus essential oils used in Mad Hippie products?

There's a lot of misinformation out there regarding citrus essential oils.  Cold expressed citrus essential oils can be sun sensitizing due to the content of bergapten in the essential oil.  Bergapten itself is too large to pass through steam distillation though, making steam distilled citrus essential oils not of concern, particularly in the extremely low concentrations used in skin care products, usually around the 0.01 - 0.1% range.  Mad Hippie only uses steam distilled or bergapten-free essential oils in our products.  Learn more here


Are your products cruelty-free?  Vegan?

All of our products are certified cruelty-free & vegan, except for our SPF which features a little bit of beeswax. Many vegans are fine with beeswax, but we understand and respect that it is a personal choice :)


Is the form of aloe vera you use on the Prop 65 list? 

There is often confusion about what ingredients require this warning, for example, aloe vera shows on California's Proposition 65 list, but this is only non-decolorized aloe vera.  Mad Hippie only uses decolorized aloe vera, which is not on the Prop 65 list.  Please contact us if you have any questions as we are here to help.

Please note some large websites that sell thousands of products put Prop 65 warnings on all of the listings they sell regardless of whether the products have ingredients featured on the list. 


How about GMO Free?



Are Mad Hippie products suitable for acne prone skin?

While all Mad Hippie products are non-comedogenic, our serums are a must for acne prone skin, particularly the vitamin C serum, which can be used morning and night (if not using any other serum). 

The vitamin A serum or exfoliating serum can be added at night, starting these serums every other night until skin adjusts (the vitamin A serum, in particular, can have a brief adjustment period).


Should I get multiple products?

Mad Hippie products are designed to be used in conjunction.  Coupling a few products brings the best results.


I have skin discoloration, what products are best for reducing its appearance?

If you have discoloration from sun damage, the hydrating nutrient mist, vitamin C serum, vitamin A serum & exfoliating serum are the best options for reducing its appearance.  Use the hydrating nutrient mist in the morning followed by the vitamin C serum.  At night simply use the exfoliating serum or vitamin A serum.  Make sure to rub all products in well to ensure they fully penetrate the skin.  Serums can be followed by a moisturizer.  

It is essential to wear a physical blocking sunscreen daily on the discolored areas.  It is possible to dramatically lighten the appearance of the discoloration, but much of the discoloration tends to return if out in the sun for long periods of time.   


I have rosacea, are Mad Hippie products safe to use?

We recommend the hydrating nutrient mist, vitamin C serum & face cream.  Apply the mist, follow with vitamin C serum, then finally face cream.  Avoid the exfoliating serum as alpha hydroxy acids can cause flare ups for those with rosacea.  

*Mad Hippie products are not considered a cure for rosacea.



How do I get the best results from my Mad Hippie products?  

A major difference between people who get great results from their skin care products and those who do not is how well they rub them into their skin.  When rubbing skin care products in though it is essential to be very gentle and to not pull or tug on the skin.  Instead, use more of a gentle upward massaging motion helping the actives fully penetrate without stretching or pulling the skin.


How long does it take to start seeing the effects of Mad Hippie?

The majority of what we consider to be skin aging is actually sun damage that we accumulate over our lifetime. Utilizing natural antioxidants & safe ingredients to minimize the appearance of this damage is an effective and safe means, but one should not expect overnight results.  Instead expect to see marked improvements in 30-60 days, with the full results taking 90+ days.   With continued use, you can keep your skin looking beautiful regardless of your age.


What is the difference between the exfoliating serum and vitamin A serum?

Great question!  While both are exfoliants, they work in different ways.   Some people prefer alpha hydroxy acids, while some prefer vitamin A.  It’s really hard to say which exfoliant is best for you, as each person’s skin type varies some.   While traditionally vitamin A is more drying than alpha hydroxy acids, our vitamin A formulation is not overly drying. 

Those with rosacea should normally avoid using the exfoliating serum. 


Can I use the vitamin A serum & the exfoliating serum?

It’s probably not necessary as both work to exfoliate the skin, but for those who would prefer to use both, stagger the two products from night to night (ie. exfoliating serum one night, vitamin A serum the next).  Or, use one product for 3-4 weeks, then switch to the other.  We normally recommend to not layer these two products on top of each other as it could cause irritation and increased skin sensitivity due to over-exfoliation.


Can I use Mad Hippie while pregnant?

We always recommend consulting with your health care provider about any products that will be used during pregnancy and nursing to make sure that they do not have any concerns. 

We normally advise against using the vitamin A serum during pregnancy and nursing.   


What order should I use my products in?


A.M: Wash with luke warm water and Cream Cleanser, gently pat dry. Apply Hydrating Nutrient Mist to moist skin. Next mix Vitamin C Serum + Antioxidant Facial Oil together in the hand and apply together, rubbing in well.  Lastly add SPF.

P.M: Start with one of the night time serums (either the Exfoliating Serum or Vitamin A Serum). Follow with both creams and, lastly, the Antioxidant Facial Oil.

Please note this is just a recommendation.  Some people with dryer skin use the creams 2x daily, so feel free to experiment with what works best for your skin.  Traditionally, skin care products are recommended to be used in the order of thinnest to thickest, with water based products being used before oil based (all Mad Hippie products are water based besides our oils). 


Are your face cream and eye cream bottles BPA-free?  

Our airless pumps are made with plastic resin that has no added BPA.


Where should I keep my Mad Hippie products?

Mad Hippie products can be kept at room temperature wherever you would like.  Avoid keeping your products in the heat or exposed to UV rays though.